Why new generation should be aware about Hacking ?

Question : Why should the generation of free love, hippies, and political dissent be aware, interested, educated and supportive of hacking and other cyber methods of awakening people?

Answer : These days even 5 year olds have a facebook profile. As all age groups are regular internet users the internet becomes a critical part of everyones life. If people don't know how to work online safely then they can be victim of cyber crime any time.

One of the objectives of THN is to bring the reality of security and it's consequences to internet users. The generation you refer to in your question is coming along, but they need more education and awareness of the power and the threat of the internet.

I believe we can educate people on how to better protect themselves and bring understanding that just because a big corporation tells you your information is secure, don't be so quick to believe it.

Today we can "hack" into most all systems. The industry is not one step ahead of us,,,,,we are one step ahead of them. Time for everyone to realize that governments and corporations that engage in corruption, deception and stealing of citizens hard earned dollars will be exposed. It might be fair to say that hackers are the babysitters of the evil of the world. We are watching and we are discovering what these theives are doing and they are bewildered as to how to cope with it.
Time for all generations, especially the generation of the 1960's that understood government needed an overhaul, to support and utilize the internet to accomplish this.

I believe this current generation can do what others could not. Without firing one shot, gathering in one public square, carrying one protest sign, we can via our computers bring down the out of control unethical behavior of government and corporations.